7 Luxury House plans and home design luxury

7 Luxury House plans and home design luxury - When talking about the luxury of a home, not necessarily you have to spend a much greater funding than renovating or building a home is a simple and traditional in design. Luxury homes and enchant you can achieve with the budget and timeline work similar to a regular home. That became the key to home design is elegant and visible labor (interior designer and contractor of the building). Unfortunately, there are still many are confused about what kind of design and what factors can make a shadow of luxury home you want materializes. Therefore, now pict has garnered home design ideas and inspiration that will really help you!

7 Luxury House plans and home design luxuryWhat a touch of elegance and charm that is necessary for a candidate of your home? You'll find it on the description of the pictures inspire luxury homes below!

1. European luxury home Design can be owned by blending the style of roof and different window and using white paint color for the exterior of the home. This European-style houses you can have with the right designer and experienced design home style like this.

2. type 60 luxury homes. The House is spacious and relieved to make the application of style luxury home becomes tricky. The design is too complex will make your House look overdone. To achieve an elegant impression, use a simple design.

3. this simple Luxury Home Design can be obtained with the garage door and the addition of a touch of minimalist variations of bricks that effectively provide aesthetic beauty in your home.

4. This Tropical luxury homes using wood warm mahogany colored on the exterior. Large square-shaped glass equilateral also adds to the artistic impression and make your home unique among the large number of luxury homes in Indonesia.

5. luxury 2 storey house design is very unique with the placement of the garage and entrance gate. Use of minimalist and fence brick walls on the outside also gives an impression of classic elegance.

6. Unique and magnificent, Luxury House design, minimalist 2 floors consists of two rectangular beams are crossed. Uniquely, the two floors of the cube is created. Who can turn her eyes from this House?

7. Luxury Home but simple with a very simple design and color palette white on the whole exterior and Interior. The simplicity of this House give the impression of luxury, beautiful, not to mention plus the creation of a small swimming pool in the courtyard.

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