7 Modern Minimalist House Design Inspiration with Botanical Garden

7 Modern Minimalist House Design Inspiration with Botanical Garden - The Word who lived in urban areas makes it difficult to have a fresh and beautiful home? Despite living in urban areas, you can still look beautiful with the concept of the botanical house! What is the botanical house and how its shape? Here we share his inspiration just for you!

7 Modern Minimalist House Design Inspiration with Botanical Garden

1. The bathroom in the middle of the Park

Have a bathroom in the middle of the back of the garden is a unique thing. If you get bored with a bathroom so-so only, you must try the shower on this one! Here you can pamper yourself while enjoying the fresh green plants around you.  But even though the walls are made of glass, you don't need to worry. Install only the bamboo curtain in front of the glass so that the shower feels more comfortable and secure.

2. Relax and enjoy the fresh air

Relax in the afternoon while enjoying beautiful grounds in the afternoon must surely be a very enjoyable activity for you and your whole family. In the Park you can enjoy quality time while telling stories and joking about everything!

3. The Gazebo beside the fish pond

If you have ample land behind the House, you can make a fish pond like the picture above. Give a touch of nature with soothing adorn the sides of the pond with natural stone.  In addition, in order to feed the fish feels nicer, place the gazebo made of wood on the sides. The garden will look more charming!

4. Pasture stretches next to home

To have a lawn that stretches and neat like this, you must diligently care for her so the grass doesn't grow too long and makes your garden a mess. This garden you can take advantage of the relaxing, chatting, or so place playground. The little one can play comfortably on top of your lawn groomed and manicured.

5. fresh Home with concept of the botanical house

In order to make the House look fresh even from the outside, you can take care of green plants and flowers are colorful in the front yard of your House. Select different types of flowers that are large in size and filled the garden. But don't forget to take care of him, so that the plants remain neat and eye-catching.

6. Swing the accompanying relaxed afternoon

You have young children that are difficult to eat? This relaxing swing mandatory you have. You can take the little packed on top of this swing, so she could enjoy eating voraciously while in swinging-swinging. In addition, green scenery and fresh good for eye health of your child.

7. A home page filled with green plants

It would be wonderful if your home is decorated with charming garden like the picture above. For a rather elaborate garden design like this, you need to ask for the help of gardener, that service display garden in front of your home beautiful and chic!

Well, that was the inspiration for the killings of the botanical house. Despite living in urban areas, the concept of this House will not prevent you to have fresh and beautiful home

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