Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor Modern Minimalist Trend 2018

Home Interior Design Living Room - Have a small home does not mean you can not create a cozy atmosphere even makes it look larger. Before, if you know need a comfortable home is not always required a lot of ancillary furniture or decorations that they're expensive, but simple home decoration only. Yes, you just need to choose a simple home decor that is capable of creating the illusion of eyes and efficient place.

Still confused with simple home decorating can create the illusion of eyes and efficiently? Please, refer to the list of simple home decor is a must you have the offerings following !
Tips Home Interior Design Living Room

1. bright wall colors

minimalist home decoration in the form of a bright wall color can create a comfortable atmosphere and the effects of a larger room. The right colors to adorn the walls of the tiny home is white, cream, or light blue.

If you trouble to change the wall color, try to hang on to wall hangings or paintings of medium size that has bright colors on the walls of the most extensive as home decorating simple.

2. Tables and chairs of invisibility as a simple home decor

When choosing a table and chairs for home decorating is simple, choose the use of quality materials such as transparent acrylic. Although invisibility and seems fragile, the reality of this acrylic materials strong enough to withstand the loads on it.

Tables and chairs are transparent it will create small rooms appear larger than actual size because you can see the objects that exist behind the table and chairs.

3. Use a small-sized furniture

Avoid using large sized furniture for simple home decorating in the House, let alone a House, although you really liked the design. Too large-sized furniture in the House was certainly will make the House felt claustrophobic and filled.

We recommend using a small-sized furniture adapted to the size of the room. The primary key on while choosing furniture it is ensured if the couch, chairs and a coffee table was placed in one room, there is still room left in the middle section. 

4. Put the ottoman as a simple home decor

Ottomans are usually present in small or moderate size. The function of this ottoman is actually as a foot rest or a place to put my glasses or magazine in a room. However, the surface of this padded ottoman can also serve as additional seating.

The Ottomans also could be moved easily to the desired place small due to its size and its weight is not excessive. Very suitable as a simple home decor for the tiny living room of yours! 
5. Create a simple home decor by exposing rafters home
Simple House usually has a low ceiling, too. This could make the House feels increasingly small and narrow so that the residents feel uncomfortable to rest. The next simple home decor that you can apply at little house is exposing the ceiling of the House.
The intent is not to let the top Open House without roof yes, but open the cover of the ceiling and let the pillars buffer look. This way home tiny guaranteed to be felt more broadly. In addition, with decorations like these rats will be hard-pressed to nested inside your HouseFitting right, for you who are looking for how to repel mice safely?

6. Drafting furniture symmetrically as a form of simple home decor
Composing furniture within the symmetrical position as a form of home decor simple can make a home look more neat, clean, and well balanced. Furniture-furniture that can be arranged in a symmetrical position this is a Chair, wardrobe, lamp, and potted plants.

Remember, the furniture need not be large but rather in accordance with the size of the room in the House. Don't forget to customize your furniture design with interior design Yes.

7. use lights as simple home decor to brighten up every corner of the House
Light is a source of artificial light used to illuminate the room so that the residents can do various activities with ease. In addition, the lights can also be a simple home decor. Put the lights on the right position in order to illuminate all the corner of the room in the HouseBright House will make it feel more clean and airy.

That's the list of simple home decor that mandatory home owned petite version. Simple home decorating what already exists in your house? If confused where searching for its furniture and decoration, you can find the best furniture and decoration 

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