10 most popular modern house design, really inspiring

Modern houses also dominated the existence of glass-glass, steel or iron and also the building ground. Style typical of modern houses usually have their own concept of freedom and essence of life with simplicity, indicated by the large number of empty spaces is great but still pays attention to aesthetics with furniture and wall hangings as well high quality.
Well for you is still curious, how the hell is that modern home? This time would bring the Kania for you guys, modern home design popular at this time from various countries in the world. What's it? Check out reviews of the modern House of Kania below ya!
10 most popular modern house design, really inspiring

1. Bobbertz Residence

This Bobbertz modern house was designed in 1953 and underwent many modifications so that It is now turned into one of the examples of the mid century modern ideal.
Modern house located in Diego, California was designed by an architect named Craig Elwood in 1953, later modified to the massive and detailed by the owner at this time, that Keith and Jessica York. Laundry room she added, return the function of Terrace, as well as giving the glass walls in some places.

2. Morgan House

William Morgan was indeed known by its unique design. One is the modern home on this one. Modern home triangular shaped or triangular Atlantic Beach, Florida is now on sale at a price of USD 1.75 million or equivalent to 23.3 billion.
Modern home designed by architect Harvard Graduate is inspired from ancient Roman times on the edge of the city of Herculaneum. Modern home consists of two sides of the triangle building, the first side is the side that faces the entrance, while the other side facing straight down to the beach.
When entering the House, will be felt once modern aura of this House. Standing on top of 1800 m², this modern home interior looks comfortable with the natural color of the wood and mix and match the color white is seen as the high roof of the House in the main room. The clerestory Windows are installed also make the House have gotten a light from the Sun. Overall, this modern House is home to a unique setting and enough emphasis on decoration of the room.
3. House HUT in Amsterdam

Modern houses from the HUT located in Amsterdam that will be launched in September 2017 later brings an innovation is plug and play, where they believe that technology and service is the most important thing of an apartment.
Modern homes equipped with services such as laundry, parcel, breakfast up to the locations of the gym. This modern House is also equipped with high-speed WiFi that can be directly accessed by its inhabitants. As for the concept of the SMART HOME SYSTEM used to regulate the temperature of the room, the lights are dead-alive automatically, as well as the automatic doors.
4. Beach House KGET

A modern Beach House in Marseilles, France is inspired from scenery around the old houses of two architects, Bonte and Migozzi already many years living in Australia.
On the morning and afternoon, this modern House will ' disappear ' behind the would sun light because the material House have made from wood. While in the evening, this modern House will glow like lanterns.

5. ROOST Midtown
ROOST Apartment House was the home of the modern intending for those who are looking for a sophisticated, convenient and also as a place to ' escape ' from the daily routine.
Every room in the modern house located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have got loaded with Decor art, plants and flowers, as well as a vintage-themed carpet.

6. The Canal House.
Believed to have been founded since 2,000 years ago and was later rebuilt to modern society, modern house located in Phoenix, Arizona is inspired from the Arizona canal. Modern houses are shaped like this would farm seem plain on the exterior part. If we saw from both the exterior and interior modern House, Canal House seems obsessed with something symmetrical.

On the other hand, modern houses of this type are slightly similar to the minimalist style. This can be seen from the selection of sofas, tables, and chairs. Do not forget the selection of chandeliers, elegant and simple.
When your signs in, we could see some unique material that is in the modern home. Dominated by aluminum, wooden doors and glass-glass also make this modern home is very perfect for those who want a quiet atmosphere of Phoenix.

7. Casa Plaza

Casa Plaza is a modern house located in Montevideo, Uruguay whose simple monochromatic theme.
This modern House is made to create an atmosphere that is intimate and the individually with the lattice is dominated by wood and white walls clean.

8. Morgan Street Live
Modern home dual function residing in Chicago are combining home and work place as well. The design of this modern house itself consists of the ground floor is a great place to work, while the second floor which was a dwelling house.
Modern home consisting of ' bar ' office provides a privacy when working. As well as the look of modern houses exterior is dominated by aluminum without any additional detail in addition to glass-glass that allows daylight into the second floor.

9. Cor-Ten Steel-Clad Prefab
Modern home located in the United Kingdom it is a former workshop later renovated by the would architect Sandy Rendel into modern houses with SIPS (Structured Insulated Panels). Currently the House is near the South Downs National Park was sold at a price of USD 2.54 million or USD 33.85 billion.
This modern House is dominated by the color red brick that is often used by the former houses the relics of an age of Gerogian and Victoria in the United Kingdom. However, when entered into, are all contrary to modern interiors. Evidenced by the existence of open spaces and also a direct glass wall facing the river and the mountain range in the United Kingdom.

10. The Tent House

True to its name, the House have located in Auckland, New Zealand is indeed shaped like a tent. Designed by architect named Chris Tate, this House seems to want to create the impression of a return to nature by camping or camping.
This modern house consists of one bedroom, one bathroom, sleeping area, as well as multifunctional kitchen front decked to enjoy the views of the outdoors. The House is also surrounded by a landscape of plants from New Zealand the isa create an atmosphere of natural forests. So, not infrequently deh if residents will hear the sound of melodious birds from that House.

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